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Some Podcast Alley Shit


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Episode 9: Special 50 Pe Po La’s – 11/20/07


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Episode 8: Ching Cha Chong Chong – 11/13/07


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Episode 7: Its Halloween Bitches 10/30/07


Bones takes his daughter to a Halloween party at school and gets beat up lil kids. ALEX SIMKO IS JAIL FREE AND WILL BE AT LEXSTOCK!!!

Also we play Ghosts N Goblins, we run down our favorite horror movies, run down Wizards top horror movies, and play the tracks Insomniac and Outer Space from Ryan Lord of SPAZ.

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Episode 6: Dumbledore is Gay – 10/23/07


After JK dropped the final Harry Potter book, and her check cleared she just went and things up by announcing Dumbledore is gay. Bones and Horcruxxx discuss that in addition to Bones hyping up Reaper, they play old ass Barnstorming on the Atari, Magic calls in and we play the tracks Bump N Grind and Firestarter done by our man
Big Vibe.

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Episode 5: WTF Lex – 10/16/07


Alex Simko gets arrested leaving Lexstock’s future hanging in the balance.

Its National Bumblebee Day so Jiinx discusses the Transformers DVD drop, the OGs play Street Fighter II, Bones shows Jiinx the early designs for the website, and Bones loves season 2 of Heroes. Noob Saibot is the first inductee into the OG Hall of Fame, and Twin Widow Mafia play their remixes the fresh tracks of Dave Rice.

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Episode 4: Before the Drama – 10/2/07


Bones rants about other parents and the way their kids act in public, tells Jiinx about Dr. Steve O, Mistress Horcruxxx talks about the Mercs go to the zoo, we play Smash TV and Spy Hunter, plus we bump the original versions of the Dave Rice tracks that TWM would later remix.

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