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Bonus OGPC: FWW Episode 3


Here we go homies!!! The third installment of the Federation of Wack Wrestlers!!! The FWW is a fantasy pro wrestling death match league using Fire Pro Wrestling Returns. Jiinx and Daddybones call the action as we determine who is ninja enough to become the first ever OGPC FWW World Heavyweight Champion of the world!!! This week we got Deuce VS Wolverine, Captain America vs Ronald McDonald, RVD vs Stone Cold The Wife Beater, and wrapping it up with Bret The Hitman Hart vs Deady Guerrero!!! Who is gonna move on to the next round? Well click the link motherfucker and find out!!!

Click Here to Listen to FWW Episode 2!!!

Episode 25: Hi!!!!! Hmmmmmm? 6/23/08


This week Bones tells Jiinx about the WWE Draft, and Jiinx shits when he hears about Kofi. Bones also talks Twilight Princess, Jiinx talks MoTU Volume 2, we have a title match for the Under Siege Championshit, and Bones drops first info bout his new album dropping on Halloween 2008 Daddybones: THe Musical. Plus we play music from Bug Juice!!!

Click Here to Listen to Episode 25

Episode 24: No!!!!! – 6/9/08


This week Jiinx get’s his ass whooped in Street Fighter II: The World Warrior, Horcruxxx gets some Fan Force shit off her chest, Jiinx chats about X-Force, Marvel Zombies Dead Days, and Bones tells Jiinx bout WWE One Night Stand, and Million Dollar Mania. Plus and we play the track Let It Boil from T-One!!

Click Here to Listen to Episode 24

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