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Bones Bonus Round Episode 1: Julia & Mortal Kombat


Welcome to the first episode of Bones Bonus Round. Ian Daddybones hangs out with his eight year old daughter and teaches her how to play Mortal Kombat including how to pull off certain fatalities….

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Episode 35: Bruce Leroy -12/14/08


This week Bones and Jiinx pick up where they left off with Part 4 of the TMNT talk and discuss the movies. We also talk about upcoming changes with the show, the X-Men Origins: Wolverine trailer, getting an arcade cabinet for the studio, Bones getting a call from someone trying to fake book him, we play Ninja Rap, and much more. Happy Holidaze bitches!!

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Episode 34: Smell What Barack Is Cookin? 11/11/08


This week Bones and Jiinx continue with part 3 of the TMNT discussion on what makes it so fresh, and talk about the action figure line. We also play TMNT Turtles In Time in Old School Game. We also talk about the new president elect, and a whole bunch of shit Bones can’t remember to type.

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