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Episode 40: Happy Birthday Jiinx – 2/25/09


This week Bones & Jiinx discuss the upcoming mixtape OGPC Presents: Underground Hitz Volume 1, Bones lays the foundation on his upcoming novel/radio drama/motion picture called Severed Head Lock, we induct Buckwheat into the OGPC Hall of Fame, talk about Street Fighter IV’s home release, WWE Legends of Wrestlemania, and crown the FWW Tag Team Champions, and more. Plus we play another track by Wayne Da Payne!!

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Episode 39: Hack Blistory Month – 2/18/09


This week Bones & Jiinx celebrate Black History Month and discuss the Censored Eleven, a bunch of racist cartoons officially disowned by Warner Brothers. We also talk about Lost Season 5, Circuit City going out of business, Comic Con talk, and Bone’s dream Guitar Hero expansions. Plus finish off the show with Bale-Out by RevoLucian.

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Bonus OGPC: FWW Bumble Rumble 2/11/09


What’s up ya’ll!!! Get ready for some hardcore FWW action. This is The Bumble Rumble!!!! Yes, the Bumble Rumble where 8 random motherfuckers step into the ring against their will cus if they don’t they get FIRED!!!! Those who compete don’t even get friggin paid. All the winner gets is a slap in the mouth and a sandwich!! Plus we blow through the entire second round of the FWW OGPC Tag Title Tournament, and the FWW OGPC Heavyweight Champion 2 Tuff Tony takes on the Blue Meanie!!!! Somebody ring the fucking bell cus it’s time to wrassle!!!

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