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Episode 44: Roll Another Spliffy Time – 4/20/09


This week Bones & Jiinx talk about the current state of the Marvel U, Bones breaks down what he’s found out about Wii Punch Out, We talk about the official drop for the Soopa Odd Mixtape, Bones talks about the recent batch of Netflix titles he got, his Top 10 Kottonmouth Kings songs, and we play a track off the Soopa Odd Mixtape by Karbine!! Plus much much more!!!

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Episode 43: Wolverine Takes A Leak – 4/7/09


This week Bones & Jiinx discuss the horrible tragic shooting that happened here in Binghamton last week, we read the shooters letter, and laugh at his engrish. We also spoil the shit out of the X-Men Origins: Wolverine movie that leaked, we also have local author Paul Juser in studio to discuss his book Dollars Per Hour, and read a short script. Plus I pitch him an idea for my childrens book, we discuss my recent Netflix offerings, Buddy Misters hits his head, and we play the weed smokin track Mary Go Round by ADAD!!

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Bones Bonus Round Episode 5: Wrestlemania 25


On this episode of Bones Bonus Round I run down the card for Wrestlemania, giving my predictions on the matchs, run down the Hall of Fame inductees,and more. I also get an inside look at the Matt Hardy vs Jeff Hardy match when I talk with Thomas Simpson who was the co-founder of the OMEGA organization back in the day when the Hardy Boyz were trying to make it to the WWE.

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