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Episode 59: Better Late If Ever – 12/30/09


This week Bones & Jiinx celebrate a late Christmas due to some delays and get ready for New Years as Ian interviews Brian Fritz, the host of Between The Ropes & hangs with Horrorcore rapper and underground favorite Mars!!! Author and homie Paul Juser stops by for the FWW Seasons Beatings Free-Per-Listen which features the Matt C Invitational Royal Battle of Champion Listeners! Jiinx and I bring to a close with reviews of Harry Potter & the Sorcerer’s Stone Ultimate Edition DVD and Family Guy’s Something Something Something Darkside, our kids Christmas recaps, Netflix reviews and more. Plus we play two favorites off ICP’s Bang! Pow! Boom!: In Yo Face & Fonz Pond!! HAPPY NEW YEAR from all of us here at the OGPC!!!

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Bones Bonus Round Episode 14: Riddlebox


On this episode of Bones Bonus Round I talk about the Riddlebox by the Insane Clown Posse. I look back, reflect and discuss what it was like for ICP to produce, promote, and preach the gospel of the Wicked Shit. This is the third of the six Joker’s Cards and I will be breaking down the history of the albums over the course of the Bonus Rounds. Kick back, crack a Faygo, paint your face up, and swing that hatchet high. I’m here to school the noobs on the Dark Carnival, say fuck the haters, and chant along with my ninjas, homies, and juggalo family like Bryan Wark from Freakshow Comics who hangs with me this episode to talk some Riddlebox. WHOOP WHOOP!! MCL. This episode uses the tracks “Toy Box”, “Lil Somethin Somethin”, “Headless Boogie”, and “Riddlebox” by the Insane Clown Posse off the album “Riddlebox” Available at

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Episode 58: Zom-Maga – 12/15/09


This week Bones & Jiinx recap the East Coast Pro Wrestling show from this past Friday in Binghamton, we also review the DVD’s for Star Trek, Harry Potter & The Half Blood Prince, and Terminator: Salvation. Listen in as we discuss the untimely passing of former WWE Superstar Umaga, talk shit about TNA going up against RAW, we hate on early rumors for Spider-Man 4, WWE TLC results, Red Lantern news, we gots Netflix reviews for Speed Racer, Bee Movie, old ass Wrestlemania’s that Bones forgot he reviewed last episode and more!!! This episode of the OGPC uses music by the Insane Clown Posse, Twiztid and the Psychopathic Family bitch!! We play the Hatchet Holiday favorites Santa’s A Fat Bitch!, Murder City Christmas and some fresh ass Twiztid song over a Snoop Dog beat Bones got from a ninja!!

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