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Episode 60: Sexy Vampires – 1/20/10


This week Bones & Jiinx kick off the New Year late as always due to some delays and Jiinx getting sick. We start 2010 with a banging remixed theme courtesy of Binghamton’s own DJ Frozone. Ian Daddybones has interviews with ECPW’s Keith Zimmer & “Hybrid” Sean Carr to discuss 2009 and how it was for ECPW, plans for 2010, and go into detail about waging war with 2CW and announce the Fight 2 Control Wrestling. Plus he interviews underground rapper The Foreverman!! Jiinx and Ian flip movies from the last show as Bones reviews Star Trek and Jiinx reviews Harry Potter & the Half Blood Prince. In the 2nd half Bones has DVD reviews for Jeff Hardy: My Life My Rules, Shawn Michaels: Heartbreak & Triumph, and Harry Potter & the Chamber of Secrets Ultimate Edition. Theres a Netflix review for Twilight, Hogan ruins TNA and so much more. In Underground Hitz we play the unreleased track “Addicted” by K-Blitz feat Habe. Plus we play two tracks off Twiztid’s W.I.C.K.E.D.: Whoop Whoop & Gothic Chick! Make 2010 the year of the OGPC!!!

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Bones Bonus Round Episode 15: The Great Milenko


On this episode of Bones Bonus Round I talk about the Great Milenko by the Insane Clown Posse. I look back, reflect and discuss what it was like for ICP to produce, promote, and preach the gospel of the Wicked Shit. This is the 4th of the six Joker’s Cards and I will be breaking down the history of the albums over the course of the Bonus Rounds. Kick back, crack a Faygo, paint your face up, and swing that hatchet high. I’m here to school the noobs on the Dark Carnival, say fuck the haters, and chant along with my ninjas, homies, and juggalo family like Bryan Wark from Freakshow Comics who hangs with me this episode to talk some Great Milenko. WHOOP WHOOP!! MCL. This episode uses the tracks “Southwest Voodoo”, “What Is A Juggalo”, and “Down With The Clown” by the Insane Clown Posse off the album “The Great Milenko” Available at

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