This week Bones & Jiinx kick off the New Year late as always due to some delays and Jiinx getting sick. We start 2010 with a banging remixed theme courtesy of Binghamton’s own DJ Frozone. Ian Daddybones has interviews with ECPW’s Keith Zimmer & “Hybrid” Sean Carr to discuss 2009 and how it was for ECPW, plans for 2010, and go into detail about waging war with 2CW and announce the Fight 2 Control Wrestling. Plus he interviews underground rapper The Foreverman!! Jiinx and Ian flip movies from the last show as Bones reviews Star Trek and Jiinx reviews Harry Potter & the Half Blood Prince. In the 2nd half Bones has DVD reviews for Jeff Hardy: My Life My Rules, Shawn Michaels: Heartbreak & Triumph, and Harry Potter & the Chamber of Secrets Ultimate Edition. Theres a Netflix review for Twilight, Hogan ruins TNA and so much more. In Underground Hitz we play the unreleased track “Addicted” by K-Blitz feat Habe. Plus we play two tracks off Twiztid’s W.I.C.K.E.D.: Whoop Whoop & Gothic Chick! Make 2010 the year of the OGPC!!!

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