This week Bones & Jiinx go cartoon crazy and break down 5 cartoons that should be rebooted whether it be a new series, movie etc. Bones also reviews Paul Juser’s bookreading from Riverread Books that he had the honor of speaking at. Ian breaks down the 2/20 ECPW Cortland Show card, announces matches for the 3/12 Fight 2 Control Wrestling show in Binghamton and interviews ECPW Wrestler Horace White. In the 2nd half we hang out with DJ Frozone and get to know him as Jiinx reviews Planet Hulk,and Disney’s Up. Bones has DVD reviews for HHH: King of Kings, WWE Best of Raw 2009, and Royal Rumble Anthology Volume 1, and so much more ya’ll!! In Underground Hitz we play Haters by Bloodex the Mad Hatter!!! This one’s the bomb!! German Ducktales bitches. German Ducktales.

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