It’s here! To all of you Juggalos and Juggalettes that have been waiting for the Bang! Pow! Boom! Nuclear Edition, your patience has paid off! This brand new album from the Insane Clown Posse is now available on and in stores all across the country just waiting for you to partake in all of the epic freshness that is nestled within that crisp silver and gold foil!

In this three disc set of destruction you get all of the original tracks from the Red, Blue, and Green versions of Bang! Pow! Boom!! That’s including all three intro tracks that have been reworked into one massive mega mix! Disc two contains THREE brand new songs recorded during the original Bang! Pow! Boom! sessions that have never been heard outside of the studio, UNTIL NOW! We’ve also added in the original Bang! Pow! Boom! Sampler. It was super rare and hard to get a hold of, but we decided that everyone should get a chance to witness that flavor!

And last, but without a doubt not least, disc three has TWO bangin’ music videos from the Insane Clown Posse! The first is the hot joint “In Yo’ Face” which is that classic Insane Clown Posse wicked shit right there. You’ll also get to gander at the “Miracles” music video!

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Also, roundin’ out the plethora of phenomenal face slappin’ surprises is the full length cut of A Family Underground. It’s the highly popular documentary that steps into the world of the Juggalos and lays it all out there!

As if that wasn’t enough you can also look forward to the Ninja Decoder Tool so you can gather all of the secrets the Bang! Pow! Boom! Nuclear Edition holds. And brand new pictures of Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope mixed in with all of those gathered from the Red, Blue, and Green versions of Bang! Pow! Boom!!

There is so much waiting for you inside of this album! We know you’ve been askin’ for it, Juggalos, and now it’s here! Grab your copy of the Bang! Pow! Boom! Nuclear Edition TODAY!