It is with great sadness and unexpected uncertainty (if that even sounds right, I’m so fucked up and jumbled right now) that I, Ian Daddybones make the following announcement: Effective immediately, Jiinx the Dedpool has quit Original Geeks Podcast. I know many of you, including myself are just shocked by what I have just said but Jiinx will no longer be apart of the OGPC. Apparently this has been brewing for a couple of months now, and we have tried to lightly address the issue on the show, and even made attempts to hide the transition though changes in the format of the show. I have pondered and thought about different ways to put this out here and to be honest with you as a listener of the OGPC. I am going to continue producing and hosting this show on a weekly basis, and the “guest” chair will continue to be a rogues gallery of local talented people, artists, wrestlers and musicians. Brian, I want to thank you for the time you spent helping me build this show. I wish I could say things to make you stay, and I’ll bitch out in front of the world but, homie I’m gonna miss you and I know the listeners will too. You helped build the walls, now it’s time to paint them bitches!!Thank you, and I know it’s cliche but the following is all I can say.


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