On this Episode of the OGPC, iDB, and Jiinx hang out with the current ECPW 607 Champion “The Hybrid” Sean Carr, and author/fill in co-host Paul Juser and discuss a variety of different shit like how much Sean Carr hates Glen Post, Jiinx reviews and talks Avatar, we talk shit about the new asshole cast as Spiderman, Glen Post still can’t walk, but Bones gets a Walkman and hates on redeeming digital movie copies, Bones makes his debut as a Professional Wrestling Referee and gets punched in the face, Jiinx finally gets his PS3, and is loving it vigorously. In the 2nd half of the show Sean Carr isn’t on but he still hates Glen Post all the same. Jiinx isn’t on anymore either and he doesn’t know Glen Post so he doesn’t hate Glen Post but Paul Juser does and he’s here to talk wisdom as Bones reviews Borderlands, Super Street Fighter 4, and God of War III, end it all with a big fuck you to Glen Post and call it a day.

Faggoty Ann & Andy

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Are you going to the 2010 Gathering of the Juggalos? Whoop Whoop!!


Ian Daddybones got a Playstation 3 trophy for banging this bitch. Cool Beans!