This episode Ian and Amber talk shit about:

  • I started playing Facebook games
  • Kimmy P has a piece of shit family
  • I had a dream about Chrissy Tuscani
  • I made my own 3 letter code for my daughter: RFN
  • Moved our bedroom downstairs
  • First episode of 3DW Monster has been handed to the boss.
  • Commercial will start airing tonight during TNA Impact.
  • Splats goes ape shit and attacks Amber.
  • Angry Birds seems to be the shit. Maybe I should get it.
  • Called out a Creepy Juggalo, got some haters, made some friends but the numbers went up.
  • Big Drew is making me and Amber a fresh ass piece of art. Coming soon.
  • Headin to NJ on Sat. Sean Carr is challenging the DWF Cruiserweight Champion Blackie
  • Why I hate that Shawn Michaels is being inducted into the HOF.
  • WWE DVD Review: Shawn Michaels from the Vault.
  • My  Top 5 HBK Dream Matches
  • Ian pulls a Weird Al on Livin La Vida Loca
  • And more, plus we play “My Homies Baby Momma” by ICP

Guess who doesn’t want to sleep again.

This game is just wow.