This episode iDB and Amber talk shit about:

  • This episode is dedicated to the memory of Bonnie Corbin
  • Big Drew did us some fresh ass artwork. Another reason why if you want it done fresh you need Big Drew Graffix.
  • Russ comes to visit. Who the fuck is he and why should you care.
  • He brought me an authentic Wrestlemania 5 shirt
  • Nash and Sean Waltman shoot videos. Fucking awesome.
  • I want adult footie pajamas, /donate
  • DWF in NJ. (Black kids yell at Big Poppa Chill, DOS vs Empire, Hybrid defeats Blackie and wins the cruiserweight Championship, Axel Lennox made his DWF debut)
  • Met Roxie Cotton. Right on.
  • I’m remaking IB Green’s entrance them with Skee Lo’s beat.
  • Desserts on Delivery – My idea to deliver munchies to stoners
  • Macho Man to appear in WWE All Stars after 18 long ass years
  • The 3DW commercial is getting some good reactions. People have started calling the boss and people are calling the wrestlers as well.
  • Weirdos from old WWE Matches: Pointy Head Guy from Rocky Johnson & Andrew vs Big John Studd and Don Muraco. WTF
  • WTF is up with the Royal Rumble being changed? Do we need 40 guys?
  • Little. Big. Planet. 2. Go. Get. It. Yesterday.
  • Collectors editions for upcoming games
  • Taskmaster and Akuma announced for MVC3
  • Jerk bank will be updated soon.
  • And more, plus we play “Circles” By Twiztid

Way to go Sean!!! Team OGPC!!

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