Holy fuckin shit balls it’s 2011 already. Happy New Years listeners. Check out this special episode called The OGPC New Years Eve 2011 Countdown Special. iDB and a drunk as fuck Amber Mamabones interact with the listeners who were hanging with us on the chat. So many people where a part of it. Julia’s mom, Savannah, Neck Cutter, Jason the Suicide King and more. It was a fun night, and if you missed it then you fuckin missed it. Your sorry ass can wait until next year. Just playin. It’s below. A lot of dirty shit gets said. Not for the kids. AMBER’S FAMILY SHOULD SKIP THIS ONE. Plus we play the track”In Yo Face” By the Insane Clown Posse.

Like a Fuckin AppleIan: I would totally do her.

Amber’s Best Friend. She wanted to fight the bottle cus she couldn’t crawl into the hot tub.

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