This episode iDB and Amber talk shit about:

  • TNA in Elmira (Card results)
  • After the show: Drank with Earl, Borash and D-Lo.
  • Met Jeff Hardy, and Shannon Moore in the parking lot after we shut the bar down
  • Went to Denny’s
  • Got home ay 4AM. Amber wasn’t happy.
  • And then Spartacus called…..
  • Marvel vs Capcom 3 review
  • Owen fucked somebody up online. He beat SSF4, learned how to play Fat Princess, Spyro the Dragon, Castle Crashers and MVC2
  • Playstation Plus review, impressions
  • Stacking review
  • Other free shit I got with Playstation +
  • I need to renew my Game Informer
  • Activision Kills of Guitar Hero

Ian meets the TNA World Champion Jeff Hardy

Ya damn right Earl. Fuck Bret Hart. He had it coming. You want another beer?