This episode iDB and Paul Juser talk shitty about:

  • Ian shows Paul the Mortal Kombat demo
  • Paul talks about his new book coming out and his current fucked up flyers
  • Ian talks about abortion, puking, skinny jeans and Japan.
  • Super Street Fighter 4: Gold Edition?
  • Daddybones Special: Thin crust with BBQ sauce, cheese, bacon, pineapple, and grilled chicken. (Never actually revealed)
  • Final countdown till 3DW Goes Green begins
  • Info on Sidney and upcoming commercial
  • PLUS an interview with the JCW World Heavyweight Champion Corporal Robinson who discuss his career, Big Money Rustla’s and his upcoming appearance in NJ on April 2nd for the DMT taping.

iDB will be there with the Degenerates of Society

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Corp vs the late “Holy” Trent Acid in JCW