• HAPPY BLACK HISTORY MONTH!!!! This episode iDB and This is Spartacus talk shit about:
  • Brown M & M …..WUWT?
  • iDB explains the red and orange M & M Vietnam connection….
  • Fantasy Football is D&D for Jocks
  • iDB’s current new favorite South Park episodes.
  • PS+ February Offerings: FREE Simpsons arcade….SPART IS PISSED!!!
  • Gotham City Imposters drops
  • Minerva’s Den DLC Bioshock 2
  • PSP Go review….Spart calls Ian a fuckin dumbass.
  • FOR THE FIRST TIME THIS YEAR PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING RETURNS TO BINGHAMTON as 2CW is in Binghamton on February 24th feat Ladies Grand Prix, and Sean Carr vs Carlito!!!
  • 3DW is Back in Binghamton NY on March 16 featuring IB Green vs Steve Corino and much more!!!

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M & M colors chart showing the damage that was done in the war. Tell SOPA I stole it from Wiki.