Hey it’s Ian, and I wanted to make this post because I wanted to give props to Big Drew real quick. For those who don’t know, Big Drew owns Big Drew Grafix. He’s a local rapper, graphics designer and is responsible for pretty much every mixtape cover, album cover, company logo, television commercial and music video for artists from all over the 607. I’ve known him for 10 years and he’s been somewhat of a local hero to me and a big inspiration for me to raise my bar. Big Drew did my first album cover, revamped my OGPC logo (as seen above) and has done some amazing art for me over the years. He even does all the Glory Vapes art, made the 3DW Wrestling logo, among others. He really blew my wig back the other day when I asked him to take a picture of my daughter Natalya and give her the zombie treatment. I wanted Daddy’s Little Girl to become Daddy’s Little Nightmare and boy did he shock the shit out of me. The guy busts his ass for what he does and I feel it’s only fitting to HIGHLY SUGGEST him for any and all of your graphics and design needs. Art, album covers, commercials, logos, business cards, wall art, and anything else you need designed. He’s the best, and worth the friend request. He’s always staying busy. I’m gonna show off some of the work he’s done for me. Get at him. Thanks Drew. Your the best.


Drew: “i may have went a little crazy on the gore for ur kids pic lol”

Me: “your an artist. not a murderer. I respect that lol”


Yeah that’s a razor in her mouth. Scott Hall was here.


Even creepier in B&W.


“Hey Pete let’s start a rap group. This coke is fucking awesome!!!”

iDB Zombie

He just told me stand there and take a pic, and he did this to it!! Awesome.

Ian & Amber's Tragic Kingdom

We got this framed in our living room.

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I even got to be the ring announcer in his music video. Great times.