This episode Ian Daddybones hangs out with Brent and Tony Bobby from Glory Vapes to talk shit about:

  • Getting in the eCig business and launching their brand new store.
  • The difference between regular ecigs and their nicotine juice.
  • Hear all about the new television commercial filmed by Big Drew
  • Their amazing products, starter kits, juice flavors and strengths.
  • See how you can save 5% off your order using code: OGPC
  • The benefits of switching from cigarettes and more!!!!

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No gut’s, No Glory, All Vape!!!


Tony (left) and Brent (Center) filming the commercial with Big Drew (Right)


The products come in a wide variety of colors.


Store is fucking beautiful!!!!


At the end of the day and overtime it’s really affordable. This is a typical starter kit.


Ian Daddybones approved, endorsed, and I use this product. Try it out.