This episode iDB and Amber (in the background) talk shit about:

  • OGPC on Stitcher Radio
  • Xcite Wrestling aftermath from 5/10
  • Migraine hell the past week. Couldn’t shake it.
  • Let Ally back in the house.
  • Trailer Park Boys – 2 movies, series review.
  • Life at Glory Vapes
  • Candy Crush saga. Ugh I’m out of the closet.
  • Scream 4 review
  • LOL Review
  • Marvel Movies talk – Excited for Spider-Man 2. Electro looks dope.
  • 2CW Returns to Binghamton with the Girls Grand Prix 2 June 1st in Binghamton


Me and Owen with the Xcite Wrestling Heavyweight Championship

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I been so addicted to these since getting my net back. Give these guys a subscribe!!


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I fucked up on the show and said the show was June 21st. It’s actually June 1st.