From the Xcite Wrestling Facebook Page: As its just about 12 am, its just about the right time to make this announcement. In April 1993, a little Philadelphia based company name Eastern Championship Wrestling presented on the Madison Square Network, a wrestling show that would up later end up being called Hardcore TV. As the company became EXtreme, this television show became the best wrestling show on television. It was groundbreaking, innovative, and what inspired Xcite Wrestling to create Xcite All Night, the greater Binghamton area’s only pro wrestling television show. Teaming with WBNG, the local CBS affiliate that broadcasts on Time Warner, the Disc Network, and Direct TV, Xcite Wrestling is proud to continue the tradition of that underdog company and present the greater Binghamton area a show it will be proud to call its own. Xcite Wrestling even went as far as to request the same time slot of 12:30 am on Saturday Nights just to continue the legacy of ass kicking pro wrestling on late Saturday Nights. And guess what the first Xcite All Night airs in less than 2 weeks on Saturday Night June 22nd. More details to follow as we get closer to the debut episode of Xcite All Night on WBNG TV! Xcite Wrestling returns to Binghamton on August 9th at the American Legion Post 80!!! Get Xcited!!!