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This episode iDB, Amber and Jake talk shit about:

  • Free Knives at Walmart!! Go stab employees!!!
  • Made my manager debut at GSW for Team CK.
  • PS4 User Interface video
  • Spartacus / iDB Harry Potter Themed Yo Momma Jokes
  • I pissed off 1D fans saying Zayn Malik did 9/11.
  • TV Show review: Arrested Development Season 4
  • TV Show review:  Wilfred.
  • Game Review: Machinanium
  • Game Review: Saints Row The Third
  • Luke Harper makes WWE Raw debut as part of the Wyatt Family
  • Xcite Wrestling comes to WBNG THIS WEEKEND 7/14!!!


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The Tri-fecta for Team CK. Your current WXW, 2CW and now GSW Tag Team Champions!!!