First Rule of Xcite Fight Club………

…Is you tell everyone the storm hits on January 4th. There’s a Hurricane coming to Binghamton, NY on January 4th. You didn’t actually think we were done, did you?


Oh you want more? Greedy. That’s fine. Here’s something special only two people know about. One of the most entertaining pro wrestlers in the business today, Greg Excellent invades Xcite Wrestling on January 4th!


Joe Gacy has held the Xcite Heavyweight title hostage for far too long. Let’s see how he does against the most popular wrestler in Xcite Wrestling… IB Green!


The Xcite Wrestling Academy has been running with paying students since May. We are the only school in the area that brings in the best talent in the world to teach its guys. We are proud to announce the Hurricane seminar on January 4th, open to all wrestlers and students of all levels. Just $40, this really is a steal to learn from someone that has worked with everyone across the world. contact taembinghamton@yahoo.com to sign up. And not a student or a wrestler? Join the Xcite Wrestling Academy. Use the same e-mail to find out how you can live your dreams, today!


It all goes down on Saturday Night, January 4th, live from the American Legion Post 80 (76 Main St, Binghamton, NY). Tickets will go on-sale at www.xcitewrestling.com and the American Legion Post 80 this Friday. We appreciate everyone sticking with us. We promise to make sure we make up for any down time we’ve had this year. We start 2014 with a bang and it only gets better from there!