Old School Game from Back In The Day

Episode 44: Roll Another Spliffy Time – 4/20/09


This week Bones & Jiinx talk about the current state of the Marvel U, Bones breaks down what he’s found out about Wii Punch Out, We talk about the official drop for the Soopa Odd Mixtape, Bones talks about the recent batch of Netflix titles he got, his Top 10 Kottonmouth Kings songs, and we play a track off the Soopa Odd Mixtape by Karbine!! Plus much much more!!!

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Episode 33: Elmo Ate Her Head 10/22/08


This week Bones and Jiinx continue with part 2 of the TMNT discussion on what makes it so fresh, and talk about the cartoon installments. We also play TMNT 2: The Arcade Game in the Old School Game segment. We also talk about a bunch of other shit including Max Payne bombing at the box office, The Incredible Hulk DVD and more!!!

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Episode 32: Freelance Organizer of Rhyming Sentences – 10/13/08


This week Bones and Jiinx play House of the Dead 3, begin a five part discussion on TMNT and what makes it so fresh with Part 1: The Comics. Jiinx talks about Iron Man DVD varients, Bones talks Mario Super Sluggers impressions, Watchman shit, if Spider-Man ever fucked MJ on a web bed, and more. Plus we play the Dave Rice Earth-2 Remix of Azkaban by Ian Daddybones!!!

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Episode 31: Who Wants Snacks? 10/4/08


This week Bones and Jiinx play House of the Dead 2, Jiinx talks about Star Wars: The Force Unleashed for the Wii, Bones talks JCW Slam TV Season 2 and gets excited about new zombie games for the Wii, Jiinx talks about Next Avengers, Masters of the Universe Season 3, and more. Plus we play Hiding Out In My Own Ass by Alex Simko!!!

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Episode 30: Year One Done – 9/11/08


This week Bones and Jiinx celebrate the end of year one of the OGPC. They discuss the upcoming Batman Arkham Asylum game for the X-Cock 3Dicksty. Bones also tells Jiinx about the move into the house not to mention the new studio. Jiinx brings us up to speed on the Green Lantern Corps saga, Bones plays Sonic Spinball for the Genesis, and tells Jiinx about Rayman Raving Rabbids. Plus we wrap up the show with a clip from the 8/26/08 episode of the Mad Trivia Party and Bones reveals his answers.

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Episode 29: Fuck WWE!! – 8/12/08


This week Bones tells Jiinx about the upcoming changes surrounding the OGPC including a move that will put the geeks inside a brand new studio just in time for the 1 Year Anniversary. Besides closing on a house, Bones has time to discuss his displeasure with WWE, he and Jiinx discuss how it was a bad week to be a black man in Hollywood, Jiinx talks X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Bones counters with news on Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li. Another week without Old School Game From Back In The Day but we make up for it with a lesson on Punch Out’s history. Plus we play two tracks from the Jim’s and much more!!

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Episode 28: Lexstock Was When? – 8/05/08


Bones tells Jiinx about the latest website updates including FREE downloads of both Twin Widow Mafia albums at www.originalgeekspodcast.com , we discuss Lexstock 08, talk about Bones not making the show and why let alone ponder if this was just a practice Lexstock, we got more Dark Knight talk, Bones tells Jiinx about getting Super Paper Mario and Bully for the Wii, rants about the Speadie Fest, the new Harry Potter trailer, and we play Jack In The Beastalk by Dave Rice, and Do The White Boy from SPAZ.

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