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When East Coast Professional Wrestling was last in Binghamton NY on March 12th, the fans witnessed a brutal casket match that saw Kage victorious, winning a title shot against ECPW Empire State Champion IB Green. However this didn’t hold well with Anarchy who also feels that he deserves a shot against IB Green and the two met in Cortland NY to determine the rightful #1 contender for the title. This didn’t hold well with The Enterprise who interfered attacking both men, and ruling the bout a no contest. ECPW Owner Gino Caruso decided that in Binghamton NY on May 14, at the Chenango Ice & Event Center, Kage, Anarchy & IB Green will meet locked inside a 15 FT. HIGH STEEL CAGE for the ECPW Empire State Championship!!!

After being attacked following his match in Cortland at the hands of Mark Kreiger and Superbad, Nick Napoleon was saved by Gino Caruso who issued a challenge to “High and Mighty” to face himself along with Nick Napoleon in Binghamton which was arrogantly accepted by Kreiger and Superbad. (Hear iDB’s interview with Mark Krieger & Superbad below)

The war over the ECPW 607 Championship picks up where it left off in March when ECPW 607 Champion Little Daddy C and “The Hybrid” Sean Carr tear into each other one more time, and Binghamton fans are hoping that “The Hybrid” picks up the win.

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iDB interviews the “Hybrid Sean Carr until the Enterprise attacks!!

The last time fans in Binghamton saw Brutus “The Breeze” McNasty compete inside an ECPW ring was on the losing end of a Career vs Mask match back in December 2009. Since that time, both Prince Akkanatan & The Masked Superstar have been bragging about putting The Breeze out of action, however Gino Caruso gives the ECPW fans what they want, and has allowed Brutus “The Breeze” McNasty to return for 1 night only to avenge his defeat AND….to bring a partner with him. Who’s it gonna be? How about Hall of Famer, and Pro Wrestling Legend “Superfly” Jimmy Snuka!!!

The newly crowned ECPW TV Champion & current ECPW Keystone Heavyweight Champion CK Kross steps in with one of the big dogs in ECPW, the ECPW World Heavyweight Champion “The Re-Enforcer” Andrew Anderson. Luck has been on Mr. Kross’s side lately but does he have what it takes to pull it off and become the new ECPW World Heavyweight Champion or will “The Re-Enforcer” walk away with CK’s ECPW TV Championship in this Title vs Title Match.

The card will also feature a battle royal with students from the ECPW 607 Pro Wrestling Academy, live music by Scarred Theory at intermission and more matches to be taped for ECPW Empire State High Voltage TV!!!

The show takes place Friday May 14th @ the Chenango Ice & Event Center (614 River Road in Binghamton) aka the former Polar Cap. The doors open @ 7PM and the bell time is 7:30 PM. Advance tickets are $12, and $15 at the door. Tickets are available at the Chenango Ice & Event Center, Laurel Bowl (607-723-8344 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              607-723-8344      end_of_the_skype_highlighting), & My Uncles Place (607-722-5242), and your local area fire departments. Proceeds in part, are to benefit the Volunteer Fire Companies of the Southern Tier. For more information go to http://www.ecpw1.com or http://www.originalgeekspodcast.com

Episode 67: Here Today Gone Tobago


This episode Ian Daddybones and Jiinx attempt to hang out with Paul Juser and talk about his new book Man-In-Sea but we had to cut the first segment a little short cus Buddy Misters was getting dropped off by Grandma. We did manage to get in some talk about old school Punky Brewster cartoons, address the April Fools joke, what it might be like if Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart were Ian’s two dads, and talk about the upcoming video game Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions.

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Jiinx talks a little about titties and what they have to do with Pirates of the Caribbean 4 we talk about Jack Swagger cashing in his Money In The Bank title shot and becoming the new World Heavyweight Champion, talk a little about the recent passing of Kanyon, talking shit about Little Daddy C in the recent ECPW Press release, and Chris Evans being cast as Captain America. We play a live performance by MC Chris from 2007 in Johnson City, NY.


In the second half iDB and Jiinx talk about the trailer for The Expendables,  Bones spending more time with Grand Theft Auto 4, having to restart his game due to trophy bullshit, and playing Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 for his third time, Jiinx talks about the whole Green / Black Lantern Corps / War whatever the fuck, and Marvel Heroic Age. Since we no longer have Netflix reviews Bones is stuck having to discuss shitty Youtube videos like children performing scenes from the movie Scarface:

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He also tells Jiinx about Street Fighter: The Later Years:

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We bring this bitch to a boil and end with a little talk about Bones finding a 1997 match between the Undertaker and HHH that he attended live from Raw and how he thinks he found himself in the crowd. We also break out the first ever Underground Hitz music video by K-Blitz and Sonik called “Oh My Things Have Change”.

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Episode 58: Zom-Maga – 12/15/09


This week Bones & Jiinx recap the East Coast Pro Wrestling show from this past Friday in Binghamton, we also review the DVD’s for Star Trek, Harry Potter & The Half Blood Prince, and Terminator: Salvation. Listen in as we discuss the untimely passing of former WWE Superstar Umaga, talk shit about TNA going up against RAW, we hate on early rumors for Spider-Man 4, WWE TLC results, Red Lantern news, we gots Netflix reviews for Speed Racer, Bee Movie, old ass Wrestlemania’s that Bones forgot he reviewed last episode and more!!! This episode of the OGPC uses music by the Insane Clown Posse, Twiztid and the Psychopathic Family bitch!! We play the Hatchet Holiday favorites Santa’s A Fat Bitch!, Murder City Christmas and some fresh ass Twiztid song over a Snoop Dog beat Bones got from a ninja!!

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Bones Bonus Round Episode 3: Two Left Feets


On this episode of Bones Bonus Round I reunite with my Twin Widow Mafia partner in rhyme Double O Drunk who came to Binghamton for a few days. Despite me being sick with a fever I sat down with Pete and his homie Darren “Cincinnati” Casselman who came along for the trip to tell me all bout their new band Two Left Feets, and give me a taste of what they bring to Myrtle Beach.

Click Here to Listen to Bones Bonus Round Episode 3 & Two Left Feets!!

Episode 33: Elmo Ate Her Head 10/22/08


This week Bones and Jiinx continue with part 2 of the TMNT discussion on what makes it so fresh, and talk about the cartoon installments. We also play TMNT 2: The Arcade Game in the Old School Game segment. We also talk about a bunch of other shit including Max Payne bombing at the box office, The Incredible Hulk DVD and more!!!

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Episode 32: Freelance Organizer of Rhyming Sentences – 10/13/08


This week Bones and Jiinx play House of the Dead 3, begin a five part discussion on TMNT and what makes it so fresh with Part 1: The Comics. Jiinx talks about Iron Man DVD varients, Bones talks Mario Super Sluggers impressions, Watchman shit, if Spider-Man ever fucked MJ on a web bed, and more. Plus we play the Dave Rice Earth-2 Remix of Azkaban by Ian Daddybones!!!

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Bonus OGPC: FWW Episode 6


Here we go homies!!! The fifth installment of the Federation of Wack Wrestlers!!! The FWW is a fantasy pro wrestling death match league using Fire Pro Wrestling Returns. Jiinx and Daddybones call the action as we determine who is ninja enough to become the first ever OGPC FWW World Heavyweight Champion of the world!!! This week we bring the tourney to a close, and finally crown the champ.!! These four matches set up the semi’s and the final round: The Rock vs 2 Tough Tony, Zombie Benoit vs Rikishi, Captain America vs Deady Guerrero, and Zombie Owen Hart vs Steve Corino. Who is gonna move and win the belt? Well click the link motherfucker and find out!!!

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