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Episode 175: That Nigga is So Dark He’s Blurple – 10/8/12


This episode iDB and This Is Spartacus talk shit about:

  • iDB gets a tax refund 7 months later and gets the show back.
  • Putting condoms in your kids Easter (Zombie Jesus Day) Baskets
  • iDB names his new album Manscaping for Mischief
  •  Blu Ray Reviews: Captain America, Thor, The Avengers, and Rock vs Cena: Once in a Lifetime
  • Dead Island Game of the Year Edition and Prince of Persia HD Trilogy PS3 talk.
  • Amber got a Nook.
  • Xcite Wrestling 9/28 show and DVD talk
  • 2CW on November 17th: Team CK vs DEMOLITION!!!
  • and more!!!!




The following comes from:

Get your tickets at the American Legion Post 80, MUSIC CITY on the Vestal Parkway, or BUY THEM ONLINE HERE!!!

OGPC TV: Mighty Death Pop Review, House of the Dead Overkill: Extended Cut, and PWA Action


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This episode iDB gives us the State of the Podcast Address, talks about all bullshit he’s been dealing with behind the scenes, reviews House of the Dead Overkill: Extended Cut for PS3, reviews Insane Clown Posse’s Mighty Death Pop, and Mike E Clark’s Musical Pop Emporium. Plus watch some footage of HotD: Overkill being played by Ian, and watch some PWA action featuring Kage vs Mike Marvel, and “Hybrid” Sean Carr vs David Chaio.

OGPC TV: Getting Ready for Keystone Wrestling


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This episode of OGPC TV iDB gets ready to hop on the road with Hybrid Sean Carr, Kage, IB Green, Axel Lennox, and Big Papa Chill. Heading to Keystone Wrestling in Plymouth PA for a tag match between Team CK and Young Money, and see how intense it gets at the Panic Room t the start of the main event between AJ Evers and KSW Heavyweight Champion Punisher Van Slyke.

6 Days Away!!!!!!


Only 6 more days until 3DW puts on it’s first ever pro wrestling show “The Rapture”. It’s the start of a new era in Upstate NY Professional Wrestling scene. Come see the 3DW Superstars do what we do best, because here it’s about three things: Desire, Dedication, and Determination. Come out to the 3DW Sports Entertainment Center located at 109 Washington Ave in Endicott NY and see “The Hillbilly Xpress” (Cousin Chill and Robert “The Spike” Norton) vs the Degenerates of Society (IB Green & “International Star” Kage), Anarchy makes his long awaited return to professional wrestling when he steps into the ring with the “Dawg of War” Rottmare and that’s not all. “The Bruiser” Axel Lennox will step into the ring with “Hybrid” Sean Carr in the first match out of a Best of 5 series and so much more. Plus the controversial and mouthy Little Daddy C has promised to show up for The Rapture and we’re crazy enough to give him a live microphone. How ballsy is that? You want more? All of it will be filmed as our first ever episode of our upcoming TV show. Plus 3DW owner Fred Spencer will have a major announcement and will reveal the identity of the first ever 3DW Commissioner. The doors open at 6:30PM with a 7:00PM bell time and the general admission price is only $10. $12 if your Mr. Fancy Pants and need a front row seat. Plus, the Original Geeks Podcast‘s very own Ian Daddybones will be performing ring announcing duties.

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You know the faces. We just got a new coat of “Fresh”

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We know the Riot will be there on the 18th!!!

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And we are giving him a live mic?

ECPW: The Enterprise Assaults Jason “The Suicide King” in Cortland NY!!!!


Saturday night in Cortland NY all hell broke lose when ECPW returned to the JM McDonald Center. The sound system blew, the fans almost rioted, ladies had beer spit in their face, and once again the Enterprise proved why they only drink from the top shelf, and fired the first shot in whats looking to be heated feud between IB Green and Jason the “Suicide King”. The video below shows the beatdown Jason received this past Saturday, and the Enterprise even dragged the OGPC’s Ian Daddybones down to the ring for an inside look at just how the Enterprise rolls.

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After this attack, Ian Daddybones took some time to talk to Jason “The Suicide King” about this bullshit, his hatred for IB Green amongst other topics including his hunt and quest to become the 4 time ECPW Keystone Champion.

Stay tuned to this very site and hit up for all he latest info on this soon o be heated feud.

ECPW Returns to Cortland NY 4/24/10


The last time East Coast Professional Wrestling came to the JM McDonald Sports Complex in Cortland NY, the ECPW Commissioner Keith Zimmer screwed over his best friend Anarchy in his match with IB Green finally revealing himself as the leader of the Enterprise. This time around the Enterprise has declared Cortland their very own funhouse, said that everything is about to change, and people will be made an example of.

In what was announced originally as an ECPW Empire State Championship match between IB Green and Rainbow has instead been turned into the first example of change as “ECPW Empire State Commissioner” Keith Zimmer has hand chosen Cortland’s very own and ECPW’s first handicapped manager Glen Post to face IB Green for the title on April 24th in Cortland NY. That’s right people IB Green will face a handicapped man in a wheelchair. What kind of man has IB Green become, and what levels of ghetto will he, and the Enterprise stoop to.

In another match announced for the card, the brother of Glen Post, the Rainbow Warrior will team up with “The Perfect Weapon” Shawn Armstrong, coming together despite their recent feud to form the team of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” and they will face “High and Mighty” consisting of Mark Kreiger and his walking block party back up Superbad.

Keith Zimmer is looking to add more gold to the Enterprise and by that the ECPW 607 Champion Little Daddy C will take on Nick Napoleon who is being forced against his will to defend his ECPW Daredevil Championship. “This is an outrage!!” says Jiinx the Dedpool, co-host of the Original Geeks Podcast. “Little Daddy C is too fat to flip and fly around like Nick does.” Well judging by the attitude and recent actions of Little Daddy C, Nick Napoleon will most defiantly have his hands full in Cortland that night, and that includes the members of the Enterprise who will be present at ringside.

Coming off of both the hot shows in Binghamton and McAdoo, the Enterprise has stated to the OGPC they are done fighting with Sean Carr. He’s not worth their time, he’s a flash in the pan, and instead Keith Zimmer has decided to put a $5,000 bounty on the head of “Hybrid” Sean Carr which has been accepted by Prince Akkanatan. Sean Carr is coming to Cortland looking for a fight after being screwed out of the 607 Title in Binghamton on March 12th, and says “bring the bounty you bitches!!”

However based on the events in Binghamton, after the shocking appearance and beating at the hands of the recently retired Brutus “The Breeze” McNasty, Keith Zimmer may want to have the Enterprise around him at all times.

In Cortland will we find out just who exactly is the #1 Contender to the ECPW Empire State Championship? Both Anarchy and Kage claim the #1 spot. After Kage defeated Big Papa Chill in the casket match to not only keep his job with ECPW but also said he was coming after IB Green for the belt however the popular Anarchy never received his title match on March 12th thanks to the Enterprise. Will this controversy be addressed in Cortland? Will Kage and Anarchy come to an equal understanding? Will cooler heads prevail? We’ll find out on April 24th.

Cortland’s own deranged freak Damien Darkchild has brought his verision of the Army of Darkness to ECPW Empire State in the form of the masked and mysterious …….Mr. X, and the “Alter Boy from Hell” Jake Saint. It’s unclear what Darkchild’s motives are for doing this but back in February after winning the battle royal he proclaimed that 2010 will be the year of DARKNESS in ECPW!!!

The card will also feature a battle royal feat Cortlands own Papa Wingster, features live music by Scarred Theory at intermission and the ECPW Owner Gino Caruso will be on hand as well on Cortland. Will he make a statement on the actions of the Enterprise? Will he address the recent appearances of “The Breeze”? Will he announce just who is the number one contender for the ECPW Empire State Championship? We’ll find out on April 24th. See you in Cortland!!!

The doors open at 7PM and the show starts at 7:30PM. Tickets are available at the following locations in Cortland: JM McDonald Sports Complex, The Daily Grind, King Sub, Cort-Lanes, and A Pizza & More. For more information head to

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