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The Original Geeks Podcast was started in 2007 by Ian Daddybones and Brian Daniel aka Jiinx the Dedpool. We got together to discuss our thoughts on movies, video games, comic books, pro wrestling, and rant about other shit we are into The show started out bi weekly, then went weekly, and now is done about three times a week. Over the course of the first three years we watched our show grow, had changes in our lives, interacted with listeners, and ventured into new territories. In 2010 Jiinx stepped back a bit and in his place stepped in Ian’s wife Amber. Amber brings out a new side in Ian and a whole new range of topics from being a mother and wife to her love of wine busting Ian’s balls. Jiinx still pops over now and then for movie reviews and the same shit we always do. Plus we added some of our new homies into the mix like juggalo homie This Is Spartcus, author Paul Juser and indy professional wrestler “Hybrid” Sean Carr.  You’ll never know what’s going to be on the OGPC ‘cuz we make it up on the fly so anything can happen. Seriously we’re so fucking unorganized.

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