Twin Widow Mafia

In 2002 Daddybones along with homie Peter Briggs, aka Double O Drunk, decided to form a mock/semi-for-real/crappy rap group called Twin Widow Mafia. Influenced by rap groups like the Insane Clown Posse, Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince, Kottonmouth Kings, and the Beastie Boys, the two began writing rhymes and spitting their “rap flows” of complete nonsense over shitty beats that Bones made on his Playstation 2.

In 2005 they met up with Dave Rice, owner of Basement Audio Productions. Originally intending to just record a demo they released their poser prequel in the form of Insult 2 Injury during the summer later that year. Unfortunately, due to shitty circumstances, Double O decided to move to Myrtle Beach but still continued to support Twin Widow by slanging free CD’s. It was never about getting signed or landing a record deal, but (during?) the process of getting there from that very first time, Bones jokingly decided “to write a rap song”.

In 2006 Pete came back to Bing for a visit after learning the ninja arts of the tattoo gun and waiter’s tray. TWM went back to the Basement and recorded the EP Darth Shittiest and the Galactic Hempire. Along the way TWM made homies with other artists like Big Drew, SPAZ, AAHHHH, Alex Simko, Mike Burrell and If Man Is Five. TWM also had their first live show in the summer of 2006 at the Barrel in Myrtle Beach.

2007 has opened up some options with the TWM/Original Geeks podcast. Daddybones is working on an upcoming EP in addition to still trying to talk Double O into moving back to the 607 for good but that’s not going to happen. Pete got married, and moved to South Carolina, and Bones remains in Binghamton as your host of the OGPC.

Click the links below to download both of Twin Widow Mafia’s albums for FREE!The legacy of Twin Widow Mafia lives on as the logo remains a symbol for the OGPC and has been re-Christianed as Twin Widow Media effective in 2009.

Insult 2 Injury – 2005

Darth Shittiest &
The Galactic Hempire – 2006


Basement Sampler – 2005 – Free Sampler
It Came From the Basement Volume 1 – 2005 – Comp
Insult 2 Injury – 2005 – LP
R Lord Xperimental EP (Bones) – 2005 – EP
It Came From the Basement Volume 2 –2006 – Comp
Darth Shittiest & the Galactic Hempire -2006 – EP
It Came From the Basement Volume 3 – 2007 – Comp

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